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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

 St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School, Wigan, WN4 9PF

 February half term - 2024!

Queen Grimelzda is a jealous woman with evil running through her veins. When the Magic Mirror, Speaktrue, reveals that Snow White is more beautiful than her she sets out to kill Snow White any way she can. Bogwart and Stinkwort the Queens dumb assassins take Snow White in the wood to kill her but can not do it and let her escape. Enter the 7 Dwarfs who take Snow White in to their cottage and try to protect her from the Evil Queen however the Queen is resourceful and disguised as an old woman goes to the cottage to trick Snow White into buying and eating a poison apple. Will the dashing Prince kiss her in time, will the Dwarfs save her, will Dolly Dumpling find a man at last………buy tickets to find out!

Snow White 2024.jpg


Addams Family plays to full houses! standing ovations!

NADOS WIN BIG at the NODA NW District 8 Awards

Group Photo awards
AM AWards

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